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Nocti Business Solutions works with companies that have created their own assessments and are looking for additional methods of assessment delivery. The test items are first reviewed to ensure that they can be delivered through QuadNet's™ assessment engine. Once confirmed, the assessment is uploaded and eligible for online delivery. In addition to the multiple-choice format, Nocti Business Solutions can also explore flash technology-based question enhancements (e.g., drag and drop, hot zones, matching, rank order, etc.).

In addition, Nocti Business Solutions works with organizations that are looking for additional marketing outlets for their assessments. Customers appreciate a one-stop location where they can order all of their assessments simultaneously. In addition, consistency in the delivery engine often streamlines assessment administration, not only for the test taker but also for the test administrator. In addition to promoting the assessment through Nocti Business Solutions' hard copy materials, the assessments would also be featured on our website which serves as a highly visited repository for information about technical assessments.