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Nocti Business Solutions (NBS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NOCTI and was established in 1999 as The Whitener Group to serve the needs of business and industry in high-stakes occupational competency testing services. In 2011 the name was changed to Nocti Business Solutions to better align with the parent company. In addition to serving the needs of business and industry, NBS provides the vital connection between industry and education for NOCTI.

NBS' primary products and services include:
  • Customized assessment services with customized delivery options
  • Standardized assessments in over 80 occupational areas
  • Written and performance assessments - paper/pencil or online
  • Score reporting services that provide results for each employee with comparisons at the site, state, and national level
  • Customized reporting services, including detailed needs analysis by competency, demographic analysis, and item level data
  • Uploading 3rd party assessments

These services are targeted to the industrial, business, military, and municipal sectors and are typically used for pre-hire/post-hire decision-making and training purposes. Assessment results are used to enhance information needed for decisions related to position requirements and the knowledge and skills of the individual being assessed. Assessments are also used in "gap analysis" to focus on direct instructional training and employee professional development.

Quality of delivery and efficiency are characteristics that describe NBS' products and services. The ability to tap into the broad range of resources available from the parent organization, NOCTI, provides a substantial advantage to NBS over other competitors. NBS has extensive experience working with management, unions, and employees in translating skills based knowledge into practical work related gains.