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Enhancing today's workforce through tailored performance solutions.

Nocti Business Solutions is a leader in creating unique assessments to meet the specific challenges and needs of your business. We provide a highly effective assessment development process that will firmly establish validity, enhance defensibility, ensure acceptance of outcomes, and help drive strategic change.

Nocti Business Solutions has in-depth experience working with management, unions, and employees to translate skills-based knowledge into practical work related gains.

Nocti Business Solutions can assist you with:
  • Selecting employees with assessed and documented skills
  • Determining promotions based on objective, verifiable standards
  • Creating blueprints for employee development
  • Analyzing job requirements and developing:
    • Precise job descriptions
    • Training curriculum
    • Performance analysis charts
    • Objective performance appraisals
    • Valid interview protocol
    • Career paths
  • Utilizing assessment services to identify skill gaps and training needs
  • Identifying training program strengths and weaknesses
If you would like more information about customized tests, please contact a Nocti Business Solutions representative at 800.334.6283 or