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Thank you for your interest in Nocti Business Solutions. You may contact a Nocti Business Solutions representative at 800-334-6283 or email us at if you have questions or need additional information. We look forward to working with you as your assessment and productivity partner!

View Blueprints to determine which assessments meet the needs of your testing program. Blueprints provide competency and task lists as well as percentage breakdown and administration information. If you do not find a standard assessment that meets your needs, contact a Nocti Business Solutions representative to discuss customizing an assessment.

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Getting Started Checklist:

1. Select a Site Coordinator to oversee the assessment program at your location. Site Coordinators act as the Nocti Business Solutions liaison to carry out the needed services for the site.


2. Review The Nocti Business Solutions Security Policy.


3. Complete a Testing Agreement and fax it to Nocti Business Solutions at 231-796-4699. Once the testing agreement has been received, an account will be created for your site. The designated Site Coordinator will receive email notification containing account information along with instructions for reviewing and ordering assessments.


4. Nocti Business Solutions clients must review standardized assessments prior to administration to ensure a match with the needs of your testing program. After reviewing the Assessment Blueprints, complete and fax an Application for Test Review to 231-796-4699.
Click here for information about reviewing standardized assessments


5. Once an assessment has been reviewed and it has been determined that the test meets the needs of the testing program, a Certification of Test Validity must be signed and faxed to Nocti Business Solutions prior to placing an order. Validity statements are kept on file so this process need only be completed once per assessment.


6. You are now all set to place an order.

Click here for information about online testing and reporting services

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